Crown Credit Pro Refund Policy

CCP takes pride in our clients' satisfaction. Our goal is to get in direct contact with the credit bureaus to fight for you. At times our jobs can be challenging and that can be based on the responses from the bureaus and creditors but we ensure that we’ll get the job done.

In some cases, CCP will get a refund request from client’s who can also be challenged along the way while helping them achieve good credit.

A refund is only due when services are paid in full upon signing up for services. The 120 business day’s money back guarantee doesn’t apply to clients who have split their payments in two and haven't paid their balance past the 30 day due date.

For full service that was paid in full within 30 days of initial payment , there is a 120 business day’s money back guaranteed which is only based on items not removed.That is how your refund is calculated.Please keep in mind, if an Item that CCP is disputing from your credit profile comes back as a verified item, the 120 business days will then roll over to 150 business days. Clients under no circumstance are allowed to "wait out a refund" if they wish to cancel services prior to the end of the business days they would be forfeiting their refund.

Upon receiving a request for refund, CCP will review your file thoroughly to ensure what items were not disputed from your credit profile and if there are any items that are still remaining from your credit profile from CCP’s original dispute attempts, then a refund will be due at the end of the business days.

“NO REFUND” is due for any client who breaches their contract with CCP

Your contract is considered breach if you do any of the followings:

  • Changes to your login credentials (username/ password. ie.) to any of the credit bureaus that prevent CCP from accessing your credit . Denying Us Access to your credit profile.
  • Applying for new credit while CCP is working on your credit
  • Paying on accounts that is currently being disputed by CCP
  • Getting in contact or communicating with the creditors or the bureaus without CCP’s consent.

If for any reason a client decides to change their login credentials to any of the credit bureaus, please inform CCP right away by calling customer service at 833- 276-9645.